Enter the Kingdom

“Give me your poor…”

for we’re “the land of the free…”

But wait, that is only

if you bow before me

Eat of my feast

and drink of my wine

Close your eyes, be blind,

it will all be fine

Let me spoon feed you

Don’t think for yourselves

Books are decorative items

to line our shelves

I will publish only

What I want you to know

If people don’t like it,

then they can go

I run this ship

and the deck is spit-spot

My Cabinet is full now

the spots were all bought

I will end all research

And close our gates

We will all go to church

And leave it to fate.

I look in the huu-ge mirror

And gee, don’t I look great

It’s time to go deliver

Another speech filled with hate.


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