Tears in my Coffee

The bitterness of the coffee grounds
permeates my throat
the seething liquid is cauterizing
leaving me to lie here and nearly choke
At the thought of unity
in a time where none exists
The cream has curdled and soured
And now only memories persist
for a HOPE of a better tomorrow
has already come and gone
And America’s been nothing more than a foolish pawn
Won over by gibberish and propaganda
Filled with oppression, disrespect, and hate
Now you want me to reach over the aisle and grab your hand to shake???

While you would have rather chopped off your limbs
Over the past 8 years, than to improve our lot.
I can offer no condolences for a battle that has left us in a state of pure distraught.
Fighting for a cause or for those without a voice
Would be something I could believe in
Rather you throw us blindfolds
As we are tossed into the Lions den.
There is no more balance
the scales are tipped so far to the right
Your tyrannical escapades
Have blocked the dying light.
Hope has faded to darkness
clear the coffee clouds from my mind
They were the the imaginings of an idealist
That had dreamed for people to be kind
Why even think that the devout could overcome
The fog of Ignorance and blithe
A shroud has descended and
The dark ages readies it’s schythe


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