Political word power play

Apparently I’m an “enemy”

Since I disagree

I’m a “bleeding heart liberal”

That likes to hug trees

I “grandstand” and I’m “entitled”

Because I march with cause

But you wouldn’t understand

As you haven’t any flaws

I am a “no-brained” leftist

A fucking “socialist”

I have no purpose or focus

As I am a “nit-wit idealist”

You think our jobs are threatened

And our borders are at stake

So you refuse to give an inch

Because its easier to take

You think religious freedom

Means devout Christianity

But what about all the others

As they pray down on their knees

You turn an eye and a cheek

Deny access to families

While those amongst us plead

And whisper profanities

About the injustices we face

And our civil liberties

That vanish with the swish of his pen

Creating more inequalities

Between the rich and the poor,

The left and the right,

Its even coming to a climax

Between the blacks and the whites.

Take your fascist ideology

And move to a new land

Where it can be what you want

As I am taking am stand.

I may be sensitive and fragile

Just like a unique “snowflake”

While I’m just a human

A blizzard I can make

So prepare yourselves for a long winter

And cozy up with your guns

Because I refuse to allow

My country to be overrun.

By a dictator with his ego

Or his minions close in tow

We don’t need brute force

Because power is in the know.

(Disclaimer: I am actually an independent/moderate with some libertarian and some slightly left leaning tendencies on social issues, but the political climate has created a line which doesn’t seem to allow anyone to cross or fall in the midde; although that is where most of us are.)


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