Carnival of Corruption

Your slurs have the lines blurred
Between what we are willing to accept
And that which is unacceptable
Are you blind to the horrors and atrocities
Or is it all just smoke and mirrors
To distract what the right hand is doing
In the middle of the night, while we sleep tight in our beds made up of satin sheets
And down feathered pillows
Nothing to see here, move on
And only let the willows weep
For those that are under-served and oppressed, in a state of distress
While some resort to repress themselves in the shadows
Where you too reside to prevent being exposed by those who oppose your flagrant and outlandish proposals that make us recompose ourselves daily
While you keep the sheep fed with forbidden fruit and lies
Contunually spouting red herrings to divide us further
Conquering the masses in your dereliction and disruption
That feeds upon the distortion of truth
To serve you further in your gain
That will eventually be torn down by your avarice, arrogance, and lost youth.

via Daily Prompt: Slur


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