Daily Prompt: The Paradox of Hesitation

Hesitation is a duplicitous creature that lends itelf well to critical thinking, but it can also imply consent if we wait in silence too long. via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


A sheep in wolf’s clothing

Snake oil salesmen only became successful after learning they couldn’t sell snakes. Words are empty when actions have proven differently. I gave “him a chance” and I was hopeful he would prove my intuition wrong, but fool me once… how many chances should I continue to give before I find myself a fool. Unfortunately he divided the country swiftly and deeply, and after such he wants “unity”. ┬áIf further proof is needed, watch the audience tonight as half of them smile, clap, and stand, while the other half sits solemnly, displaying just how alienated they feel during his short reign. The elected officials (including the president) have an obligation to represent all of their constituents and not just those that fall within the same party. While I know both sides are guilty of this, the problem is that we have forgotten how to compromise. That is the only path to unity. Until he and the members of Congress are willing to sit down and work out a solution that is considerate to both sides, we will forever run in this vicious circle going from left to right and back again until all of our heads are spun around so much that we fall from dizziness.

The problem began because he has refused to acknowledge those in opposition and dissent by dismissing their concerns; he has made derogatory comments about those that are minorities; he has tried to discredit the press and has prevented free access to information (if it had been 1 agency it could have been a mistake, but since it was several there is no doubt it was vindictive) which sent a clear and dictatorial message; he has been slow to acknowledge hate crimes and quick to report falsities that were created to instill fear and cause alarm; he has made examples of those that fit his agenda and confirm his own bias.

I heard praise for his speech tonight, which felt similar to how abuse victims forgive their abusers. His speech still held all the hallmarks of nationalism, but he struck a different tone by approaching it from a protagonist point of view, rather than his typical antagonist rhetoric. He mentioned that the “tens of millions of people” were all united and turned out to “make America great again”, but he forgot about the other half of those tens of millions that showed up and that he has neglected since his inauguration. His words were more flowery and optimistic, but that does not negate all of the hate and narcissism and lies he has instigated and spread over the past year. He has created chaos to provide distractions from his questionable ties in both the business world and those of international affairs. He wants us only to watch his right hand, so we won’t know what the left hand is doing.

Tonight he tried to appeal to our vunerabilities by speaking to the disenfranchised, poor, and middle class. He not so subtly mentioned: the coal mines, inner cities, veterans, women, the Jewish community. His speech still held all the alarmist hightlighted tactics, except they were slightly more polished and covert than the outright fearmongering escapades we have heard him espouse in the past. He mentioned national pride, crime reduction (without any substantiating or measurable metrics on how this would occur), inner cities will have a rebirth supposedly, but would that be through gentrification that edges out those that are less than desirable to him? Have all of the companies he mentioned created these jobs in the U.S. because of him, or are those as empty and mostly fictional just as his affect on the $12 billion decrease in our national debt? Also, while I’m not a huge proponent of regulations, it has been proven that there are some things that states are unable to control, thus the creation of the regulations initially (i.e., the EPA, the regulations imposed in the housing and banking industries). I’m from a town that relied heavily upon the coal mines, but I also saw the damage from coal ash and sludge, and the devastating impact of mountaintop mining. There is a compromise where both parties can benefit but also concede somewhat on the issue.

He mentioned immigration reform and terror attacks as reasons to bolster border security and our vetting process, yet there are perpetrators of horrendous acts born in every country, and many are born here as well.

It is late, but I will continue this blog tomorrow but meanwhile, stay vigilant and demand true and effective change that will benefit humanity.